Ramadan Promotion at The Flame Cafe

We are pleased to announce our Ramadan 2018 Promotion!

The following will be available from Thursday, 17th May to Thursday, 14th June

Pagoda Steamboat Buffet:

COOKED Main Course & Savoury items will be added into our buffet spread at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Menu will vary on a daily basis.

Kurma (Dates) & Water Pitcher:

We will have Kurma (Dates) & Water Pitchers prepared on each table.

Mussollah (Prayer Room):

Mussolllah is located at Level B1, just by the carpark – Door is labelled “Muslim Prayer Room”. Wudu’ (Ablution) area is available just next to it – Ladies, you can find Restrooms on Level 1 & Level 2

Reservation Time Slots:

There will be 2 Reservation Time Slots:

First Time Slot: 7pm – You are more than welcome to arrive early. Capacity will be fully MAXIMIZED and our next Time Slot for Reservations will be at 9pm.

We encourage our customers to BOOK EARLY to avoid any disappointments.

*Azan (Call to Prayer) for Iftar will be available at The Flame Cafe

Please contact us at 6282 0251 or 6288 6346 to make your reservations now!

Ramadan 2018 Steamboat Delivery Special

We know how much you LOVE our Pagoda Steamboat. So brace yourselves, because we heard you!

Ramadan 2018 Special ..

The Flame Café will be bringing our pots & grills to your doorstep!

Promotion will be available from Thursday, 17th May to Thursday, 14th June 2018

To place your orders please contact:

Ida Isnin

Email: ida@sparkrestaurant.com.sg

DID: 6345 1180 ext. 106 | Mobile: 9105 6082

Abegail Ada

Email: abe@sparkrestaurant.com.sg

DID: 6345 1180 ext. 105 | Mobile: 9828 4372


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Flame Cafe – Steamboat Delivery Ramadan Special

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